About Us

History Eco Usable

Previously Ecosuable invented, produced, and marketed eco-friendly products that are environmentally friendly and affordable for everyone. Ecousable mostly was involved in eco-friendly water bottles, but now, this website has been acquired by energy and environmental Engineers who are continuing the same goal of spreading healthy environment awareness. Current owners are excited to announce that they will include all sorts of environmental-friendly products on this website like solar RV batteries, solar generators, and much more.

The same save the environment trend to reduce the carbon footprints will continue on this website.

Who We Are and What We Do

We are a team of professional energy and environmental engineers and save environment fanatics who are really into eco-friendly products.

Our team members work with lithium iron phosphate manufacturing and solar generator manufacturing companies. They also conduct their separate research to reduce carbon footprints.

Keeping all that in mind, our team picks products that are non-toxic to the environment. Our team provides in-depth, to-the-point information which is only exclusive to ecousable.com

Our Team



Certifications in HABC fire safety, IOSH, and poisonous gases. Freddy has also worked in solar farms and wind farms. His primary target is to talk and write about environmentally friendly products to reduce the amount of Co2, Nitrogen, and chlorofluorocarbons in the atmosphere. He started ecousable.com to review eco products and products which are less harmful to our environment. He is the lead writer and CEO of ecousable.com.



Samy is also an Energy and environmental engineer. He has been working in eco-bottle manufacturing since 2018. Currently, he is the leading engineer in a Lithium Iron Phosphate battery manufacturing company. Samy is an environmental fanatic and an active researcher. He participated in Pakistan’s 1 billion trees plantation campaign.

Currently, Samy gathers user-friendly data and material for ecosuable.com and he writes articles on eco-friendly products.

What Info Do We Include In Our Articles?

Our team’s research and data are compiled into well-structured articles containing comparison tables, detailed product reviews including pros and cons, and a comprehensive buying guide.

Even if you have conducted your initial research on products, our articles will surely give out some information to help you make a purchasing decision.

Our Mission

We want to spread awareness and educate people to help them find the right eco-friendly products for their personal or home use. We work hard to handpick products that are non-toxic to the environment. We also make sure to pick products that work. We don’t recommend crappy products in the name of “saving the environment”.

How We’re Funded

Ecousable.com is funded by organic traffic and affiliate links. If you purchase a product recommended by us from Amazon or any other platform, we receive a small commission that doesn’t increase the cost for the buyer.

Read the complete affiliate disclosure.