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HONDA EU2200i Review – Should you Buy This Super Quiet Generator?

In this article, we have expertly given HONDA EU2200i Review by considering noise and load test, runtime, efficiency, portability, and durability based on customer reviews and outdoor usages.

HONDA EU2200i Review

HONDA EU2200i Review
  • Weight: 47.4lbs.
  • Dimensions: 20 x 11.4 x 16.7 inches
  • 2200 surge watts and 1800 running watts
  • Manual recoil start
  • 3.1 hours runtime at rated load.
  • 8.1 hours runtime at 25% load.
  • 0.95 gal tank capacity
  • Noise levels: 53 to 54dB on eco mode
  • Advanced Co-minder installed to sense CO
  • Fuel shutoff valve
  • Outlets: x2 120V AC 15A outlets, a battery charging DC 12V outlet, oil alert, overload alarm, the output indicator

Firstly, Honda EU2200i is an extremely popular portable inverter generator that is loaded with features. It is portable, compact, very lightweight, powerful, convenient, efficient on fuel, and has good resell value.

Secondly, Honda generators are a bit costly compared to competitors, however, Honda takes pride in their inverter technology by generating power close to line power with little harmonic distortion.

Thirdly, and most importantly, Honda EU2200i portable inverter generator is popular among campers and outdoor enthusiasts. The reason is all that power is packed in a portable body.

So after unboxing, you are only gonna get your generator. No oil, tools, or anything else is shipped with the box. Make sure you have the necessary tools beforehand.

The control panel is neat and simple with x2 120V 15Amp outlets, an output indicator LED, an oil level LED indicator, and an overload alarm LED indicator.

You will notice two plugs for parallel connection. It will allow Honda EU2200i to be connected with other generators in the same brand to double the power output (of the lower model).


I have personally never connected two HONDA generators, but I have seen my friends do it during our camping trip. It is a simple process with the right cords.

Moreover, there is no electric start option. I don’t get HONDA, we are paying a huge amount on an 1800 running watts generator without an electric start. Well, we can’t do anything about that.

There is a plug that allows you to charge 12V car batteries and small 12V appliances. A lot of people have this confusion, but you can’t jump your batteries off of this generator.

In older models, oil changing always created a lot of mess because there was not any rubber ramp underneath the oil plug, but in Honda EU2200i, there is a rubber ramp beneath the oil plug to prevent oil spillage. Oil drops easily slide through the ramp to avoid any mess.

Another safety feature added in this model is the ON/OFF switch on top of the fuel cap. It seals the fuel inside to trap the fumes from evaporating.

We have seen spontaneous combustions, flames, or even huge fires due to gasoline fumes meeting ignition sources nearby. Always lock the fuel cap if the generator is placed outside under the sun, or indoors near an ignition source.                                                                                

HONDA is offering a 3 years residential warranty, and a 3-year commercial warranty on this product. Their customer service is also excellent. I have not seen a single review online complaining about their customer service.

CO-MINDER sensor is installed in it which is a huge thing. It detects a carbon monoxide concentration and will automatically shut down the generator if the CO concentration reaches dangerous levels.

Noise Test of HONDA EU2200i:

Honda models are always silent, even the bigger models don’t make much noise.

I took a noise test from approximately 23.5 feet away. As a result, the noise was 53 to 54dB with ECO-MODE ON.

I turned off the eco-mode. As a result, the noise was around 62 to 63dB. There was pin-drop silence around me so you should expect a quieter performance. These ratings can fluctuate a bit depending on the load.

Load Test Of HONDA EU2200i:

It takes 2 to 3 tries to start, I switched on the ECO-MODE for the testing. I have also downloaded the HONDA generator application from the app store to connect my Honda EU2200i with Bluetooth.

The app is awesome, it tells the oil life, engine hours, and the watts you are pulling.

So right off the bat, I gave it a massive trailer by starting my 15,000 BTU AC unit and some small appliances.

As a result, I was getting 1800 peak watts (122V). The overload alarm wasn’t ON.

After reaching 2190 peak watts, and 1780 running watts, the overload alarm went OFF, and I stopped the test.

Runtime And Capacity:

The tank capacity is 0.95 gallons. I have pulled more than 3 hours on 100% on a full tank, and more than 8 hours at 25% load on a full tank.

The generator needs to be in good condition to get a good runtime. The oil shouldn’t be burned and the spark plug should be clean.

Comparing Honda EU2200i With Other 2200 Watts Generators

I have compared Honda EU2200i with WEN56225i and Briggs and Stratton 2200. The results are mentioned below:

NameHonda EU2200iWEN 56225i.Briggs and Stratton 2200
Weight46.5 pounds48.5 pounds54.6 pounds
Noise48 – 56 dB53 – 59 dB59 – 63 dB
Capacity.95 gallon1 gallon1 gallon

Though Honda EU2200i is a bit expensive, it clearly gives tough competition to the generators in the same power range.

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What Can Honda EU2200i Run?

Depending on the peak watts and running watts of modern appliances, this generator can easily run the following appliances.

FOR Home:

Microwave  1000 – 2000
Coffee Maker  600 – 1200
Toaster  800 – 1500
Fridge  400 – 700
Laptop and computers  20 – 75
Speakers  200
TV (50” LED)240  

FOR Camping:

Hair Dryer  1000 – 1800
Heater  750 – 1550
Electrical skillet  1000 – 1550
Washing machine  500 – 1000
Phone charger  10
Laptop20 – 75


AC Unit  800 – 1700
Pump  800 – 1350
Heater  750 – 1600
Microwave  900 – 1000
Phone charger  10
Laptop computer  20 – 75

Customer Reviews

Honda EU2200i is maintaining 4.7/5 stars based on 79 reviews. The 5 stars percentage is 86%.

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Should You Buy Honda EU2200i – Verdict

Absolutely YES. In terms of noise, performance, reliability, ease of use, fuel efficiency, and portability, the Honda EU2200i is right at the upper echelon of 2000-watt generators.

It is very popular among campers and RV owners. People use it for their home usage in case of power outages as well, but 70% of the time this machine is used for outdoor activities.

What I Like

  • Quiet operation
  • Efficient. 8+ hours at 25% load on a full tank
  • CO-minder sensor installed.
  • Easy to operate and change the oil
  • Highly compact
  • Passed the load test with flying colors.
  • Ideal for small power-sensitive appliances.

What I don’t

  • Expensive
  • No electric start

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