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How To Change A Golf Cart Battery? – Step By Step Guide

In this article, you will learn How To Change A Golf Cart Battery safely. Also, we are going to reveal pro tips to lengthen the life of batteries.

Are you facing problems with your golf cart? Is it taking too long to get charged? Or does it has slow speed than usual? probably your golf cart batteries are dead.

You can take your golf cart to a dealer or a professional to install new batteries, but all these things are only going to add more labor costs, however, you can replace them within no time.

How To Change A Golf Cart Battery

In this article, we’re going to provide a detailed guide about how to install a golf cart battery safely. don’t worry It’s a very easy task and even a beginner can do it without any difficulty.

Follow each step of this guide to learn about how to change a golf cart battery.

Tools Required For Replacing Cart Battery

To replace your golf cart battery, you’ll need some of these basic tools:

  • Mechanic’s gloves
  • Safety glasses
  • A squirt bottle with a solution of water and baking soda
  • Battery strap
  • Zip ties
  • Battery terminal protector
  • 9/16” or ½” socket wrench with an extension
  • Post cleaner
  • Distilled water

A Step-by-Step Guide About How To Change A Golf Cart Battery

Follow each of these steps carefully and install your batteries. In the end, you’ll be patting yourself for performing this job efficiently.

Remove Connections And Turn Key To Off:

Make sure that the cart is in a turn-off position and the charger is disconnected. Then you’ll be able to remove any battery that has a fault in it.

In new carts, there is a switch run/tow. Set it to tow.

Take A Picture Or Sketch It:

To reach the battery bay, remove the seat and then make a proper sketch labeling each part, position, and polarity of the battery, location of positive and negative terminals as well as the places where accessories are connected.

You can also click the picture of each part to make it easier to find all the right connections to adjust after and during the replacement of batteries.

These all things will be helpful for you when you’ll be installing new batteries.

Remove Cables:

Disconnect the battery connections by removing the negative terminal first and then the positive terminal. Also, disconnect accessory wires and keep them together with cable ties to put them back to make a connection with the battery later on.

Disconnect Batteries:

Disconnect and inspect the battery carefully to find out the problem. Use a battery strap to remove batteries but again be careful as they’re heavy in weight. There could be some residual acid present on terminals so keep it at a safe place and avoid any skin contact with such parts of the battery.

Note: Please be careful while removing cables with a wrench and do not touch any metal part with a wrench, otherwise you’ll get shocked.

Clean Battery Hold:

Place cardboard covered with a towel under the battery bay. While battery acid will permanently mark concrete and other things.

Now take the baking soda and water solution and apply it to specific spots to clean them and then dry each part with the help of a dry towel.

You can use a paint scraper to remove any leftover acid.

Check out our guide about how to clean the terminal of batteries.

Install New Batteries:

Keeping the sketch in mind, now place the battery at its place with the help of the battery strap. Don’t forget to adjust polarities in the same way mentioned in the sketch.

Reconnect Cables:

Reconnect all the cables and use a lock washer to prevent the loosening of cables over time. First attach cables that connect the battery to the battery, then connect accessories, and finally connect the positive and negative terminals.

Attach connections in a way such as positive to negative then secure the battery with hold-down bars and rods.

Test It Carefully:

After making all the connections properly, now is the time to test it. Turn the switch from tow to run and test the lights and all electronics by moving the cart in the forward and reverse direction.

When testing is done, apply batter protectant spray to all terminals. This will reduce the risk of any further acid build-up on terminals in the future.

I’d recommend applying this spray after every 2-3 months for better results.

Charge Golf Cart After Changing The Batteries:

Before using your golf cart, charge the battery fully at its full power.

Here you go! You have perfectly completed the whole installation process of new batteries in a golf cart.

To make the batteries last longer you’ll have to take extra care of it.

Do’s & Don’t in car battery changing

To avoid any damage and hazard that can occur while replacing a golf cart battery, remember some of these simple tips.


  • Wear protective gear such as glasses and gloves.
  • Do this job at a well-ventilated place.


  • Avoid smoking during changing a golf cart battery.
  • Do not use spray cleaners or solvents.

How Do Know If There’s Any Need For Changing The Golf Cart Battery?

The maintenance of a golf cart isn’t that easy. You’ll need to check a lot of things and to make sure that is everything working properly in your cart.

There will be a question in your mind that how’d you know that there’s any need for replacing golf cart batteries. To answer this, we’re going to present some signs and symptoms to identify any issue.

The Battery Takes A Long Time To Charge:

One of the main reasons for defective batteries is the time it takes to get charged. If the battery is taking too long to charge then it’s a sign of a weakened battery.

You can relate this to your cellphone battery, such as you charge it and take too long to get charged and then turn low faster than usual.

The Battery Turns Low Faster:

If the charged battery starts to turn low faster then it is also a sign of a bad battery and you’ll need to replace it.

Just like a battery, the power of acceleration also falls down in such cases.

Acid Leaks Often:

When acids start building up around the terminals or they start to leak at cases, it can be due to imbalanced electrolyte levels in the battery. It is a common state observed in older and weaker batteries but it can be corrected by maintaining them properly.

How To Make Batteries Last Longer?

There are a number of ways by which you can take care of the battery of your golf cart. Below we’ve mentioned some tips and basic rules to keep your battery safe and efficient for a long time.

By Keeping Them Clean:

Clean the battery, then keep it dry and tight all the time. Baking soda and water solutions can be used for cleaning purposes. Also, don’t forget to keep yourself safe from any harm.

Charging Battery Properly:

It is mandatory to charge the battery of your golf cart for 8 to 10 hours to get 80% of it. The best way to charge it is at night when your cart will not be in use. Rely on a valuable charger and if you’ve used the cart for even 5 minutes, charge it well.

Check The Water Level In The Battery:

Keep the water level of the battery in check. Fill the battery holes with distilled water only. Never use tap water to fill the holes and never overfill them by spilling water all over leading to leaks in the future.

Use Golf Cart Regularly:

Storing a vehicle for a long period can also cause the battery to wear out sooner. Use it at least for 5 minutes a day to keep it in a better condition.

Do Not Overcharge Batteries:

Avoid overcharging your golf cart battery. In case of the availability of an auto charger, you don’t need to worry about it but if you’re going to charge it manually then you’ll have to unplug the charger once the array is full.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

How many years will golf cart batteries last?

For seeking optimal longevity, a battery with a high ampere capacity will hold a long charge. If you keep it clean and maintained, then its lifespan can be at least five years.

What is the best and proper way to charge the golf cart battery?

The best and proper way to charge a golf cart battery is to leave it on charging overnight. Even if you’ve used it for five minutes, it is recommended to charge it after every use.

Can I run my golf cart with one bad battery?

A golf cart has 4 to 6 individual batteries that give power to the one main battery.  You can change the one battery with fault and it is better to replace it as soon as possible. Because if you run your golf cart on a bad battery, it can cause damage to the main battery and that damage will be permanent.

Can I charge the golf cart battery with a car charger?

Usually, golf cart operates at the voltage of 6V or 8V and they have their own chargers. However, you can charge a golf cart with a charger of a battery by matching the voltage of the car charger with the voltage of the cart’s battery.

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