Where Are WEN Generators Made? – [Brief History]

WEN is an American-based electronic company whose generators are manufactured in China. The main headquarter is situated in Illinois USA.

WEN produces close to accurate clones of Yamaha generators with the same specification and cheaper price tag. Additionally, they manufacture a huge range of power tools like chainsaws, bench grinders, drills, etc.

Quick Overview of The WEN Products

Founded In1951
FounderNick Anton
Address5810 Northwest Hwy, Chicago, Illinois, 60631, United States
Contact(630) 365-1500
Main IndustryHome Improvement & Hardware Retail

 Where Are Wen Generators Made? – Origin

Where Are Wen Generators Made

In 1951 WEN Mr. Nick Anton founded WEN products; the purpose of the company is to bring power tools and electricity throughout the USA. After a few years of research, WEN has produced the electric Chainsaw, electric soldering gun, electric jigsaw, etc.

Moreover, WEN is the pioneer of random orbital technology. I.e. the Waxers, polishers buffers, etc. are based on that technology.

WEN further expanded its product lineup with a huge variety of drills, tool chests, bench grinders, generators, air compressors, hand tools, etc.

By the end of 2001, WEN has already sold 50 million units to consumers, currently, WEN has headquarters in West Dundee, Illinois USA and they have millions of satisfied customers around the globe.

Where Is Wen Generator Engines Made?

The engines of WEN generators are made in China, however, the whole process of designing, R&D, and testing is handled in Illinois, USA.

What Engine Does a Wen Generator Use?

WEN generator mostly comes with a CARB complaint 4 – stroke air-cooled OHV engines with different cubic centimeters (cc). The inspiration for making the powerful, noiseless, and efficient engines is taken from Yamaha. in fact WEN engines are the perfect clone of Yamaha engines.

Are Wen Generators Any Good?

WEN is well known for its budget-friendly price tag, super-efficient engine, and longer runtime. Though they don’t have a made in japan tag, still there built quality is pretty good.

Below are some features you can get from a WEN generator.

What are the Features of WEN generators?

  • Durable: Though WEN generators are pretty pocket-friendly still they are utilizing premium material to make their generators durable, and lighter with lower maintenance. Since 2019 I am using their WEN 56200i and I must say this is performing like a charm.
  • Eco Mode: Almost all of the WEN generators come with an ECO mode to save not only your fuel but also reduce noise levels as well. ECO mode makes sure to supply the fuel as per the needs and normalize the RPMs of the rotor to emit less noise.
  • Clean Power: As per my test WEN generator provides pretty lower THD levels. Their inverter generator offers less than 1-2% of THD levels, however, the larger generators of 10000 – 15000 watts may produce a bit more, make sure to check out the THD levels on the specification section before making a buying decision.
  • Longer Run Time: WEN generators are equipped with super-efficient engines that can supply constant power with minimum fuel cost. As per experience, I own a WEN 56380i which provides me about 8 – 8.2 hours of runtime with 1.85 gallons of the fuel tank at 50% load which is amazing.
  • Quiet Operation: WEN has utilized a super silent inverter technology to avoid noise pollution, even their open frame generators are not that roar as well.
  • Parallel Capability: Since most of the inverter generators of WEN are clones of Yamaha with similar wire diagrams, they are parallel-ready, you can utilize a parallel kit to combine compatible units.
  • Safe Operation: Almost all of the WEN generators are certified by the CARB and EPA their engines and electrical system is proven to be safe for the environment, humans, and appliances as well.
  • Multiple Verities: You will get multiple options like portable, inverter, and open frame generator with 1000 – 15000 watts.
  • Lower Maintenance Cost: Like Yamaha Honda and other renowned brands WEN needs little to no maintenance depending on the usage. My WEN 56380i needs an oil, spark plug, and filter changing right after 4 months as I am operating it 8 hours a week.

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Where to Buy Wen Generators?

Like all renowned brand, WEN not only sells its products offline but also in the online market as well. If you are from the USA or Canada you can directly purchase from their site, however, they are also selling their product through the following online stores.


Do Wen Generators Use Yamaha Engines?

Undoubtedly WEN is producing similar engines to Yamaha infect WEN 56200i Inverter Generator is the best clone of Yamaha EF2000is, however, there is no evidence that Yamaha itself is building engines for the WEN products.

As per the teardown tests of my friend WEN 56200i has a pretty similar engine to the Yamaha even though the wiring diagram is similar.

Also, we found that Yamaha engines have a small made in china label inside, I don’t know whether they have got a license to install Yamaha engines or they are superb at replicating the engines.

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If you are hunting for a budget-friendly generator with longer runtime, quiet operation, modern features and super reliable design WEN should in your list.

Though the manufacturing process is handled in China, still there designing, testing and other necessary tests are being conducted in the USA to ensure the quality of the products.

FAQS – Frequently Asked Questions

Are Wen Generators Made in the USA?

WEN has a headquarter in Illinois USA where the Ru0026D and other necessary processes are being handled; however, the manufacturing of the engines takes place in China. The bottom line is, their manufacturing is being handled in china.

Are Wen Generators Made in China?

Though WEN has a big headquarter in the US (location: Illinois), still they outsourced engines and other parts from China which isn’t wrong at all, almost all brands outsource from China for reducing cost and increasing production.

Additionally, their designing, testing, and other important process take place at the main headquarter to ensure the reliability of generators.

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